Black Mud Bath
Bare your body and scoop up a handful of black mud that has deposited in the ˇ­
Salt Water Floating
Sprawl your limbs nad lie on your back in the middle of the Yuncheng Salt Lakeˇ­
Health Preserving Center
Which enable you to enjoy the marvelous therapeutic effect from water and mud.ˇ­

The nine-bend Yellow River breeds the Chinese civilization.
Likewise the Yuncheng Salt Lake breeds the Chinese salt culture.
The Yuncheng Salt Lake can match the world-famous Dead Sea in lsrael.The black mud on its bed contains 7 kinds of major elements and 16 kinds of minor elements.People can stay in the water just like riding in a boat.And the black mud can enliven and beautify the skins and muscles.Therefore,the Yuncheng Salt Lake is praised as the "Dead Sea of China".

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