City of Salt Transportation After slowly flowing through the Hetao area,HuangHe River goes south direction and then in the juncture of Shanxi,Shaanxi and Henan turns east direction.And the region embraced by the Yellow River in west and south is the East Town.

点击放大  This region is the cradle of Chinese nationality and the birthplace of Huaxia civiliaation.Here these are the footmarks left by the emperors like Huang,Yao,Shun and Yu in the ancient times.The wife of emperor Huang atught the local people to plant mulberry,feed silkworm and weave silk in xiasian,a county of Yuncheng.Emperors Yao,Shun and Yu seperately Made Pingyang,Puban and Anyi their capitals,which are all located in this region.

  In ancient China,this region is also the center of politics,economy and culture.It is well-known home and abroad for the glorious land and owtstanding talents.

点击放大  Many historic people appeared in this region including great masters in politics,ideology,military,literature,arts,science and historical science.According to in complete statistics,more than 2500 famous persons in this region were put down into writting in historical records.For example from Qin dynasty to Tang dynasty 59 prime ministers,59 Generals and 55 Ministers appeared in Pei family in Wenxi according to historical records.

  Hedong Salt Lake Yuncheng Salt Lake is an old lake with a history of more than 5000 years.Thanks to its rich salt culture,from the ancient time it has been played an important role during the evolvement of Hedong Civilization and Huaxia civilization.There are also many beautiful and imaginary fairy tales and legends handed down around the Salt lake area.

  In the ancient time,Yuncheng was as semll village named Lucun at the north bank of the salt lake.Because of the impostance of salt,the government of also each dynasty sent officials to Yuncheng to strengthen the management of salt.And in Yuan dynasty lucun was changed to Yuncheng,wich means“city of transportation(of salt)”.Yuncheng is the product of salt prodving,transportation and development and is also the “unique city of salt” among the places where Salt is produced.

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