The Relaxed Outdoor Floating Bath Place is located at the center of resort of the Yuncheng Salt Lake,the "China Dead Sea".Built around an eyot,the bath place covers an area of over 100 mus and can hold 1000 floaters and bathers at a time.
  Compared with the bath place at the Dead Sea in lsrael,it is endowed with more vitality and unique elegance and nimbus.

  Sprawl your limbs nad lie on your back in the middle of the Yuncheng Salt Lake,the "China Dead Sea",and you will be pushed to the surface of the water by a unique buoyant force as if you wereriding in a boat.Looking up into the high sky,you cannot but fly your thoughts and enjoy yourself in bathing.
  The 7 kinds of major elements and 16 kinds of minor elements contained in the lake water"act perfectly" on your skins while you bath in the lake.

  Bare your body and scoop up a handful of black mud that has deposited in the Yuncheng Salt Lake,the "China Dead Sea",for thousands of years.
  Then daub it all over your body and enjoy yourself in being a unique "balck man".Enjoy the nourishment from the black mud and you will harvest the dream of "the blacker,the prettier".

  Akjacent to the Relaxed Outdoor Floating Bath Place,the Black Mud Health Preserving Center is a modern SPA mainly featuring salt water floating and black mud bath.Here you can find not only indoor salt water floating and black mud bath,but also rest cure in salt water,Japanese-style black mud bath,Turkish-style black mud bath and Dead Sea salt bath etc.,which enable you to enjoy the marvelous therapeutic effect from water and mud.
  Comprehensive Project provides the customers with indoor salt floating and black mud bath service.It is a new project suitable for the majority common customers.

  Also called floating bath,rest cure in salt water is a kind of floating therapy.A complete relaxation can be achieved while the human body floats in the salt water.
  The dim and soft light and the slow music in the Salt Water Rest Cure Room can provide an ideal environment for the floaters to thind and rest in peace and relax theirbodies.Thus floaters can rest their bodies and minds in a perfect way.
  Research results also indicate that the effect from one hour of rest cure in salt water equals that from eight hours of deep sleep.Salt-water rest cure can balance the left and right hemisphere of the cerebrum,sober up the head,make it creative,reduce tension from mind and body and make people mettlesome and vigorous.Since the lake water contains a lot of mineral substances,frequent rests here can help cure many chronic diseases.

  The turkish bath can trace back to the ancient Roman times.It can help relieve tiredness and fatigue and make people aglow with health.
  A Turkish bath in summer can help fight heatstroke and reduce body temperature while such a bath in winter can help keep out the cold! Seen from the medical angle,frequent Turkish bath can activate blood flow,melt sludge,diminish inflammation,relieve pain and enhance resistance of human bodies to diseases.Therefore,it works fairly well to cure various kinds of skin diseases and epidemic influenza.Besides,people plagued with obesity can also expect to lose weight if they persist in taking the Turkish bath.

  Black mud beauty building is a speciality project in China Dead Sea.With the black mud from the bottom of China Dead Sea,the professional massagist massages the customers to promote blood circulation,strengthen the muscles,enhance the elasticity of muscles,delay the ageing of skin and winkles.

  Salt Bath & Salt Rubbing Since the salt from the Yuncheng Salt Lake,the "China Dead Sea",is rich in sodium chloride,sodium sulfate and bitter salt, it can, when rubbed on the skins,rid the skins of the horny layer,clean and nourish the skins in an in-depth way.Bitter salt,in particular,can quickly remedy and calm your skins to achieve a full anti-oxidization function.It can also help reduce weight and make skins clean and shining.
  Foot massage A thousand li journey is started by taking the first step.People are showing increasing care for feet,thinking that they are connected to the five viscera and six bowels.Through press,circular stroke and wobble of the acupuncture points on the feet ,foot massage can promote peripheral nerve circulation and make you more healthy and vigorous.
  Body Building in Rest Then go to the gymnasium regularly as if it were a piece of homework.After enjoying profuse sweat and quick heartbeat,you will harvest health,an admirable body shape and a high quality of lift.After doing Yoga,modern dances,calisthenics or body-shaping exercises,you can chose to sip a htick cup of coffee,taste the sweetness and purity of green tea,or enjoy delicate health preserving dishes.With such a comfortable environment,you will find yourself free of all earthly desires.

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